SIX underrated miniseries of the last SIX years and why you should watch them

The streaming wars are peaking but we increasingly ask ourselves what’s actually worth our time. Especially series are time consuming as heck. Well, here you go with my list and trailers of SIX original limited series of the last SIX years you should watch NOW.

Disclaimer: The availability on streaming services may differ depending on when and where you’re watching.

The Terror
(2018 – Amazon Prime)

Part one of an anthology series. It’s 1845. On behalf of the greedy empire, a bunch of British explorers sets out to find the North West passage. Of course, they get stuck in the ice. Not only winter is coming but also a mythological creature that begins to haunt and kill the quarreling whites. The series shows the slow physical and mental decay of the crew, shifting group dynamics, hierarchical structures and communication. Luckily, it doesn’t delve into appropriating indigenous culture but rather treats it with dignity at a respectful distance. Yes, the Brits are mostly shite. And obviously none of them are supposed to be there. But there are many levels to cruelty. Whilst a strong minority might change for the worse, most of the lads just want to get by, some even broaden their horizon. But it’s not like any of them are suddenly turning into heroes. They’re all white British men in the mid 1900s settling out to „explore“ after all.

Trailer (ENG) – The Terror (Season 1)

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