SIX underrated miniseries of the last SIX years and why you should watch them

The Underground Railroad
(2021 – Amazon Prime)

Okay, so this might come at a surprise to some of you who’re familiar with the beautiful work of this series’ creator Barry Jenkins (Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk) which is based on a Pulitzer prize winning book about a secret system of passages, hideouts and supporters who helped enslaved African Americans escape the devils who claimed their bodies and souls. But as I strongly believe that The Underground Railroad is one of the best miniseries ever created, I have the feeling that it’s still vastly ignored when it comes to G.O.A.T. lists and references. This is one of the most captivating cinematic pieces of TV you’ll find. It’s a tough and emotional watch (for some of course more than others) but what I love about Barry Jenkins is that his works can be both visually breathtaking and colorful while tackling the hardest life stories and topics you could ever imagine. That’s what Black beauty and Black pride are all about. To never let the oppressors win over your dignity and your heart.

Trailer (ENG) – The Underground Railroad

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