SIX underrated miniseries of the last SIX years and why you should watch them

The Serpent
(2021 – Netflix)

This is a rather classic stylish Netflix series which at times reminded me of Narcos. Which doesn’t make it bad at all. In comparison to the below-than-average stuff Netflix has mostly been polluting their service with in recent years, this one stands out. And not only because it’s „based on a true story“. Okay, it’s actually true. At least the core, I haven’t done my research properly enough to be honest. Anyway. The Serpent is about a charming (French) but criminal (wait for it) entrepreneur in Bangkok who lures in backpack tourists to then drug and rob them. He’s going for the big bucks and establishes a system of theft and abuse which also often leads to murder. The authorities don’t notice or ignore this for a long time. So, if you’re going on a Thailand trip soon, you’ll not only have the new season of The White Lotus in mind but also this creepy maniac I just told you about. With pleasure.

Trailer (ENG) – The Serpent


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