SIX underrated miniseries of the last SIX years and why you should watch them

(2020 – Disney+)

Too bad, series like this one are quietly getting passed on and sometimes get lost in the licensing huddle. Maybe it’s because of the intellectual tone and the highly philosophical questions Devs is asking. A secret department at a Silicon Valley tech giant is setting up an artificial intelligence that might be able to…how do I say this…tell us about a whole lot of things? It would be more exciting if I were to tell you more but I’m gonna stop here, you’ll have to find out the rest. After I dropped the magic word AI, you might think that everyone must’ve heard about this miniseries by now. Probably still not the case. Visionary writer-director Alex Garland who created this show hits subtle notes and plays the long game, everything’s slowly getting uneasier here. If you liked Ex Machina and Annihilation you know what I’m talking about and you’ll love Devs.

Trailer (ENG) – Devs

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